arrr, matey. prepare to be boarded…!

Ahoy, Me swarthy mateys and hearty wenches…  Avast and bear to smartly and prepare to be boarded.

Earlier today, I was talking with one of our EDITalk founders (John B) and somehow, I got stuck into “pirate speak”…  Did you know that there is actually an “INTERNATIONAL TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY“…?  There is..!  So, arr, Me hearties and Me beauties, let’s search for some buried booty and find our fortunes and leave our lives to the fickle finger of fate…  So get your first mate into the crow’s nest and set sail for the South Seas to find our treasure trove of EDI booty!  Shiver Me timbers and set sail!

But wow… how about we start the “Talk Like an EDI Geek” day…?  Or the “Speak EDI-ese” day..?  Now how well would THAT go over…?  About as well as the grog coming from the bung hole…! 

What..?  You don’t know what a bung-hole is…?  Well, no, it’s not THAT…  On a ship, it used to be that stuff – food, drink, supplies – were stored in wooden casks or barrels.  The “cork” – or stopper – in the barrel was called a BUNG and then it went into a hole – called the BUNG HOLE.  I know it sounds worse, but it’s not.

Aye, Me hearties…  Get yer mind from the bilge gutter!

But  back to “EDI Guru” day.  Imagine what it would be like if you didnt’ have to explain EDI to people.  You know, give them the “basics” and tell them what it all means.  Imagine if you didn’t have to describe what it is we do – day in and day out – to those that don’t know…  no having to “dumb it down” to the level of a newbie user…  no having to break it to the level of a 2nd grader…

Ah, that would be nice, eh..?

And to have a day when EDI was … well … sexy.  Not boring, dull and plain.  And not confusing and overly technical and complicated.  A day of fun and frivolity and festive fanciful shenanigans.

Imagine how nice is would be to not have to explain what an 850 is; what the 856 does; how to use the 810 or the 832 or even the benefits of the 860 or the 820…  Imagine no posessions.. It’s easy if you try…  Sorry… Now the Beatles are fighting with the vast Pirate hoard for the booty of knowlege in Me noggin’…!  But the treasure and beauty of the EDI booty could be well understood by the EDI-novice.  No more having to walk the plank of EDI.

But – wow – think of it.  Simplifying the EDI process – and the entire SUPPLY CHAIN in the process.  Making it easy to “sell” EDI to the higher up muckety-mucks that pay the bills.  No justification of ROI or any of that.  Just simple understanding.

Of course, the next day, we’d be back to explaining what it is we do and what it is that EDI can do for our businesses – our supply chain.  We’d be back to being Poindexter – in the geeky get-up, complete with the broken-and-taped-together-glasses (think “Revenge of the Nerds“), giving details and data of what the 850 (and all the other documents we use!) can and will do for us. 


Probably easier to get people to drop their land-lubber status, grab a Jolly Roger and be a pirate for a day.

Arr, mateys, pass Me a tankard of grog and prepare to pillage and plunder with Cap’n Craig Redbeard on the great ship, the EDI Pearl, scourge of the seven seas!

Author: Cap’n Craig “Redbeard” Dunham – EDI Coordinator, Pirate Ship Captain & Grog Inspector
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