EDI Talk’s Contributors

Below is a list of EDI Talk’s Contributors who have submitted Bio’s

John Burmeister

EDI Manager / Developer
Blog: http://burm.net

Craig E. Dunham

EDI Coordinator / Developer

As a child of a programmer/systems analyst, computers are nothing new to Me. I grew up in data rooms, helping mom load keypunch cards and “platters” of data storage into a system and organizing and bursting print-outs as needed. I was one of the first kids in My school with a PC at home…. So it just seemed logical to spring board from a decidedly non-MIS/IT education (former English Major, shifted to Architectural Graphics and Design) into the worlds of MIS/IT.

I started off with My current employer working in the “help desk” assisting corporate users in the AS400 and stores with their POS systems, working My way up to shift lead for all AS400 (System I) operations, jobs and processes. Then it was on to EDI.

I’ve been involved in EDI for about 5 years now, taking a small (40 trading partners, 1 document) program and expanding it to over 700 vendors and 4 documents, working on 5, in a few years. I’m not just an EDI Coordinator, I’m the EDI department for a fairly large retailer, with over 350 stores in 11 states, and sales well over $900 million, much of which is ordered and shipped via EDI documents.

I also handle other aspects in the MIS/IT department, assisting our buying department with other ideas, processes and concepts that will help them in getting product in our stores to sell, sell, sell. This includes a reporting system (training and troubleshooting) for sales history and a dynamic replenishment auto PO system. What’s next? Who knows…. But I will take it on, all the while keeping our EDI processes running smooth and easy!