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The goal of IntegrationTalk.com was to central a central location, database, information clearinghouse, meeting, chat and news place for everyone in the EDI, B2B, ETL, and Integration World. This is something I had thought of years ago, and finally had put aside small amounts of time to get the site online. While its NO WHERE near where I envision it to going in the near future, I wanted to at least get us up and running.

First thing up and running was our blogging / news / article platform. I hope to have everyone that wishes to participate write articles and submit industry news. The goal is to make this a complete community.

The forums were the second thing that went online. This is really where the community part comes into play in full force. Its a complely free forum / chat / discussion area that allows for complete communication with everyone and everything. You are free to talk about everything Integration, and there is even an off topic area to discuss whatever is on your mind.

Why? There really was no central place to go and talk about integration and read Industry news. Again, the purpose is to get the community together to solve problems, talk technology, and have fun.

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