Holiday EDI Volume

Author: Joey Adami
55 Herricks Rd
Garden City Park, NY 11404

After spending some time with our client support technicians, it seems that
in the rush of the holiday season, our clients not only face shorter

deadlines and shipping volume but unique EDI issues as well.At holiday time, clients ship a much higher volume of goods, which can
complicate every aspect of shipping logistics. From packing a much higher
number of boxes and labeling to creating multiple invoices for stores or
distribution centers. Holiday logistics can become exponentially more

“During the holiday season many issues for support are easily fixed with
features that are already built into their EDI systems”-Tech Support

With a variety of EDI capabilities & customization, each client has the
ability to attain an automated EDI operation. Within software systems, there
are tools for everyday business and tools that might only be used during
this season when business traffic is high.

For example clients found themselves learning how to easily edit or even
delete items off an ASN.  Others discovered new reports to track
invoices, ASNs or any transaction inbound and outbound that was sent or
received from any given time frame even though these activities were easily
performed manually during periods of low activity they would be impossible
to perform during the holiday season without high level tools.

For business, especially in the wake of current economic challenges, it is
imperative to manage every order to insure compete and timely fulfillment.
The strength of an EDI system must mimic these goals allowing your EDI
operation to be, productive & robust.

An EDI solution that is flexible & powerful is one part of managing holiday
volume. Combine that power with knowledgeable staff, backed up by on call
support & the result is a solution with all of the necessary tools to tackle
a tough holiday season!